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The Practice of Law is a profession epitomized by a particular level of skill and a dedication to service.

Since 1974, Avolio & Hanlon, P.C. has provided sound legal advice and stanch representation to domestic and international insurance and re-insurance companies, many public and private business entities located in the Untied States and in over fifteen countries, numerous domestic government and regulatory agencies, as well to individual clients on an array of complex legal matters.

Avolio & Hanlon, P.C. is a multi-jurisdictional law firm that emphasizes the prompt and proficient delivery of legal services in a number of practice areas.  The firm employs attorneys licensed to practice in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, New York and the District of Columbia.

The firm’s principal office is in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, with branch offices in Jupiter, Florida and St. Augustine, Florida.  The counties serviced through these offices include all twenty-one (21) counties in New Jersey, all eastern Pennsylvania counties, the State of Florida and the District of Columbia. The offices are so located as to permit an expeditious response to clients having legal matters within the service area, as well as a reasonable proximity to all the county seats of the counties served.  This geographical organization also allows the firm to minimize client costs as well as having the advantages of a local firm within the various segments of the service area and legal community.

We have locations in Lawrenceville NJ, Jupiter FL and St. Augustine FL.

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